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to enhance the IMMUNE SYSTEM, increase MOBILITY, and the QUALITY of LIFE.

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Therapeutic Benefits

When undergoing medical challenges and the stresses of life, human touch can provide the comfort and support that fosters therapeutic outcomes.  Massage therapy enhances the immune system, stimulates blood flow, and can manipulate muscles and joints reducing contractures, relieving pain and promoting optional function and range of motion.                                                      

When undergoing medical challenges and the stresses of life, human touch can provide the comfort and support that fosters therapeutic outcomes.  

Our Services

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Medical Massage Therapy

Massage therapy can assist the rehabilitation of muscle-skeletal injuries.  It can also provide relief from chronic conditions such as bulging or herniated discs or osteoarthritis .  This can be done by prescription with guidance from and feedback to your physician. 

Oncological Massage Therapy

The diagnosis of cancer can be very traumatic.  The treatment by surgery, chemotherapy, and/or radiation therapy can cause its own trauma. and unique obstacles.  Care from someone who has training in and first hand experience with cancer can support you through this stressful time.

Lymphatic Massage Therapy

This is a light massage that promotes the flow of lymph and stimulates the immune system.  It is especially useful to persons suffering from lymphedema following breast surgery.

Hospice Massage Therapy

Hospice can be a designation to get more benefits for the patient; here massage therapy is classified as personal care.  Hospice is also a designation for those undergoing the dying process; here personal touch can provide human contact.

Acupressure /Shiatsu/ Reflexology

These massages are based on manual stimulation of acupuncture points.  This can be done for either the treatment of specific medical conditions  or for general relaxation or invigoration.  Some points are local to the problem area but others can be remotely located.  Reflexology focuses on the feet and hands while the other techniques use the entire body. The goal of all these techniques is to restore balance to the body so it can heal itself.

Relaxation Massage Therapy

  Stress is a chronic problem of modern life.  While some stress is useful, prolonged unalleviated stress weakens the immune system and prevents the body from healing itself.  Massage therapy is an important part of any wellness program.  It can be quietly meditative, it can be harmonized with music, or it could be done to provide relaxation to the whole body but with specific treatment of a single area such as the shoulders or lower back.

Arthritis or Disc Massage Therapy

Massage therapy can be used to provide greater mobility or to alleviate pain associated with osteoarthritis or bulging or herniated discs.  Treatment is provided by a therapist that knows your pain and the obstacles it causes you.


C. Susanne Marshall is a graduate of San Francisco School of Massage, The Chicago Center for Advanced Bodywork, the Midwest Center for the Study of Oriental Medicine, Wellness and Massage Therapy Training Institute, Chicago National College of Naprapathy, Master's Program in Medical Massage from Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation, and Lymphatic Drainage Plus.  She has personally struggled with herniated lumbar discs, knee and shoulder osteoarthritis, and breast cancer.